Maxim Customs is a new, exciting pet brand offering beautiful, hand-crafted, luxury dog and cat accessories, and stylish pet furniture.

We adore dogs and cats! Our founder and all team members are dedicated cat and dog owners – and we know what it means to share our lives with them. Though their personalities are so different, they all bring us love and fun. Once we embrace love we can not live without them anymore. Being engaged to our pets and surround them with world-class products is a real mission for us.

At Maxim Customs, we are proudly providing fully handmade collars, leashes, other accessories and furniture for your four-legged friends. Uniquely in Europe, we make superior-quality, wooden indoor dog kennels. They are well designed, individually handcrafted, lovely in one word.

It has all started with a kitten

"Soon after I was born and left alone by a deserted roadside, I found myself in a small box – on a way to a warm house. As I just carried my eyes over that pretty home (already possessed by two snooty rescued cats) my glance met with a young guy, and I immediately knew, I was to choose him as my owner. Since that day, we have been inseparable and it's loads of fun! I'm sure he thinks the same. He gave me the name Maxim and he loves me so much that calls my name all the time, especially when I try to get in the kitchen sink... "

Maxim Customs was inspired by a little, only two-week-old rescued kitten who was lucky enough to be adopted. But he was not the first. Our funder had already been obsessed with rescuing kittens from the shelter and his passion led so many of his friends to become a happy adoptive parent.

Now Maxim is one year old and still in the lack of good behavior, a naughty little creature "bullying"  dogs, cats, and even horses who are still playing a role in his owner’s life. To be honest, dogs were the first love. It has started with an adorable beagle puppy, called Prince Philip, owned by the parental home, and later followed by two other heart-stealer puppies. The happy life with them simply resulted in our new venture – Maxim Customs.

Now we strive to create a wearable and livable luxe, having dogs, cats and horses in mind while carefully design and hand-craft products for them.


We work together with professional designers – dog and cat lovers – with whom we can share our vision. They have the knowledge and enthusiasm to design the look of a modern luxe. We challenged ourselves by creating pet accessories with a style that calls back classic design, capturing the spirit from iconic times, but with a tweak of a contemporary look. We are even pushing the limits more by continuously seeking for innovation in our designs. We strive for solutions that no other products have.

Our aim is to serve dog and cat lovers with accessories and furniture with excellent quality, attention to detail and timeless designs.


No two pieces are the same since every single product is handcrafted by expert artisans. We work with dedicated, family-owned manufacturers who love what they do. They are bringing you the best quality based on their incredible enthusiasm and skills they have been perfecting for decades.


Using the finest materials – top quality hand-selected Italian leather, solid brass hardware, premium wood raw materials and the finest canvases ensure the beauty and durability for our all pet accessories. We have developed partnership with excellent European suppliers and are committed to crafting distinctive pet accessories that are made to last.